This year’s conference theme, "Strength in Numbers," is a celebration of a decade of data-informed progress from across our network and an opportunity to discuss our future direction. Join us for our 10th-anniversary celebration. We will look back at the evidence-informed progress we’ve made as a sector but also look forward to the pressing issues of the day. This year the event will take place at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA from May 20–22, 2019. 

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Mollie Rudnick

I am currently a Director of Data, Analytics and Reporting at Teach For America. I essentially analyze data and create visualizations and reports that help TFA staff improve the work that they do and make more informed decisions. After graduating from the University of Arizona, I did TFA in Philadelphia where I taught middle school math and science. While teaching, I became very interested in the role data and research plays in shaping education and wanted to take on a more research-oriented role. I then conducted research and evaluation related to K-12 math and science education at the University of Chicago for five years. This confirmed my belief in the importance of using data to improve education at all levels, but I also wanted to broaden the scope of my work and expand my methodological analytical toolkit. I then went to the Pardee RAND Graduate School at the RAND Corporation to get my PhD in Policy Analysis. My work at RAND mainly focused on education and evaluating innovative educational reform, but also crossed into the areas of military health and health and human services.
Monday, May 20

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