This year’s conference theme, "Strength in Numbers," is a celebration of a decade of data-informed progress from across our network and an opportunity to discuss our future direction. Join us for our 10th-anniversary celebration. We will look back at the evidence-informed progress we’ve made as a sector but also look forward to the pressing issues of the day. This year the event will take place at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA from May 20–22, 2019. 


Matt Goodlaw

Texas Education Agency/New Mexico PED
Social Scientist
My background is interdisciplinary social sciences with major focuses on pollical economy, social psychology applied towards education. Currently am a social scientist working with the Texas Education Agency, Office of Special Populations. Among other things, we have been developing a risk model to help TEA administrators identify LEAs that are in need of supports prior to the LEA under achieving across a variety of indicators. We are also building a data strategy so that staff member have efficient access to the information they need in the formats that they need.
Monday, May 20

12:00pm EDT

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Tuesday, May 21

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Wednesday, May 22

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